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There are two types of Testspace accounts:

  • Free account. Unlimited for open-source; includes constraints for private usage.
  • Paid account. Requires a credit card for monthly billing.

Account creation is done through the GitHub Marketplace or our Website.

When signing up for an account using our website the following options will be presented:

Account Sign up


When creating an account the following steps are required:

  • Required to Authorize - would like access. This step is skipped if you already have an existing Testspace account using your GitHub credentials.

  • Next will be prompted to select a subdomain. When using your service provider credentials the email associated with the service will be automatically be used.

Account Sign up

  • Next, ask to Select which GitHub organization to install This step is skipped if you only have a personal GitHub account.
  • Presented the Install & Authorize button to complete the installation process.
    • Note, if you are not the owner of the GitHub organization the button will state Install & Request.
  • The last step is to click on the enable box within the Services tab on Testspace.

To install Testspace on another GitHub Organization use the "To install anywhere else click here".

Install on another organization


If you are not a GitHub Owner Testspace will request to your owner(s) to install the Application.

  • Email from GitHub - Request to install in YOUR-ORG
  • GitHub Owner under Setting selects Review request under the Installed GitHub Apps
  • Once the Owner Authorizes and Installs Testspace the repos that the Testspace owner has admin access to will be available for Project creation.


When first installing the Testspace App ther are 2 steps required:

  1. Required to Grant access to Testspace - Confirm access to your account.
  2. Next, ask to Select which Bitbucket teams to install Testspace.


When first installing the Testspace App ther are 2 steps required:

  1. Required to Authorize to Testspace - Authorize Testspace to use your account?.
  2. Next, ask to Select which GitLab groups to install Testspace.