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Testspace is a Dashboard for publishing results from test automation and a Manual Test Framework based on source code repositories. It also includes support for Exploratory testing.

Testspace is a lightweight Test Management system for both automated and manual testing.


The Testspace Dashboard has built-in integration with existing Continuous Integration Systems and repository management systems such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. It also includes support for in-house proprietary automation systems.


Testspace has been designed for scale, handling large volumes of test results.

To publish content to the Testspace server simply "push" file(s) with the Testspace client.

$ testspace path/to/**/results*.xml coverage.xml ..

Once test results have been published, the status of the software, regardless of the testing method, build system, etc., can be monitored by all team members. All the metrics - test results, code coverage, defects, etc., are collected and analyzed.

Projects Listings


Testspace provides unique functionality enabling in-depth analysis of testing:


Once test results have been published; the Dashboard provides:


The Manual Test Framework is based on GitHub, leveraging repositories and other collaboration features.

Test instructions are captured using plain text markdown and managed in repositories, following the same process as development (version control, pull requests, etc.). No proprietary UI required for test authoring. To implement a test a file is created and maintained in the code section of a repo.

# Test 1
## Case 1
- do this
- do that

Manual projects use Repositories, Branching, Issues, and Project Boards all tightly integrated with GitHub.


Test files are executed as an individual unit and are automatically discovered by Testspace. The following is an example test file (aka spec) being executed within Testspace.

Test Spec


Testspace offers a number of unique functionality regarding Manual testing:

Manual tests can be included (integrated) with automated tests, providing a holistic view of all testing for a product.