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In the previous section, we manually invoked a GitHub workflow to run fake test automation.

Now the tutorial will demonstrate executing a Spec, using Testspace's manual runner. The example uses the Github repo you created based on the Setup section of the tutorial.


In Testspace, click on the main space of the project associated with your repo. Next, select the Manual tab to display a listing of all available specs. Each spec is executed as an individual unit.

Specs Listings

Now click on Hello Manual:

Run Spec

For this example:

  • Select the START button to begin execution
  • Select Passed for the status of Test Case One
  • Select Passed for the status of Test Case Two
  • Add optional comments or images
  • When done select the STOP button

Close the spec dialog.


Testspace provides multiple ways to view a spec's status.


The Overall listing on the Manual tab reflects the latest status of all of the test specs that have been executed.

Specs Status Listings


The Current tab represents the most recent published Results for all tests, which can included published results.

Published Results

And specifically the Hello Manual spec that was executed.

Suite Status

Files Used

The following file content is used, in this basic example, for running a manual test. Note that the hello spec is an oversimplified example used for demonstration purposes only.

└─ specs
├─ .testspace.yml


The Testspace configuration file .testspace.yml is required at the root with the following minimun content:


Without the .testspace.yml file, specs will not be visible in Testspace

The hello spec file is located at specs/ using the following content:


# Hello Manual
This is a manual test.

## Test Case One
Some description here.

* check this
* check that

## Test Case Two
Some description here.

* check this
* check that


  • Manual tests are maintained in the code section of a repo using folders and markdown files. The default folder location for test specs is specs.
  • Refer here for changing the default location for test specs.


This section covered the running of a spec:

  • Specs are executed as individual units
  • The status of specs are maintained within the Manual tab
  • The status of specs, along with published automated results, are maintained within the Results tab