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Space Settings

Health Indication Settings

This setting configures a check to verify that results publishing occurs with the frequency you expect. If there is a period exceeding the value you set, it results in a missed publication deadline event.

You can disable this checking by setting the value to 0.

The default value when you create a new space is 0.

Hidden Spaces

Hidden Spaces provide a fully-functional Space that can be used for non-mainline tasks. They are used primarily for staging new tests, and for providing a sandbox when bug fixing or experimenting.

Hidden Spaces have the following attributes:

  • Email notifications are never sent regardless of the Space's settings
  • Hidden Spaces are not shown in the Organizaton view.
  • These Spaces are shown only on their parent's Project view

The space settings are implemented through a hamburger menu.

If you hover your mouse over the blank area at the left end of the Space row, a "hamburger" icon is shown. If you left-click on the icon, a menu is displayed with the following options.

Edit Displays the Space properties dialog for the space.
Copy Displays a dialog allowing you to copy the Space to a different Project.
Move Displays a dialog allowing you to move the Space to a different Project
Delete Deletes the Space.

Deleting a Space

You can delete an existing Space from either the Organization Page or the Spaces' parent Project Page.1)

In either case, hover your mouse cursor over the area to the left of the Space's name and click on the "hamburger" icon that appears. A menu is shown.

Click on the Delete item in the menu, and a confirmation dialog is displayed. From the confirmation dialog you can either cancel the delete operation or proceed with the delete.

Restoring a Deleted Space

Deleted Spaces may be restored up to thirty days after they are deleted. Any Project that has one or more restorable Spaces will display a special link below its Spaces Listing on its Project Page.

Clicking on the Recover your deleted spaces link will show a special view which lists the Project's deleted Spaces within the thirty-day window.

To restore an individual Space in this list, hover your mouse cursor over the right end of the row that lists the Space of interest. (Names shown in this list have extra text appended to the original Space name to ensure that all names in the list are unique.) A clickable circular arrow icon is shown.

Clicking the icon will restore the Space. (The original unmangled Space name will be given to the restored Space unless another Space in the Project already has this name, in which case the restored Space will be given the mangled name.)


1) For a hidden Space, you must use the Project Page.

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