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Your user account is automatically created when signing in using your LDAP credentials:

Testspace Enterprise refers to the installation of Testspace behind your company firewall. This article covers specifics related to an already installed Testspace.

Outside of the Testspace application being installed locally on your company's network, there are two specifics different from the Cloud version of Testspace you need to be aware of:

  • Downloading Test Client binary
  • Configuring the Testspace URL

Download Testspace Client

YOUR-COMPANY-DOMAIN is based on your local network!

The Testspace client is used to push test results and other metrics to the Testpace server. Depending on your environment the Testspace client can be downloaded from YOUR site as follows:


If installing on Linux, you can use the following command (if $HOME/bin exists or other desired location).

curl -fsSL | tar -zxvf- -C $HOME/bin


If installing on Windows, there a several command line methods, depending on your tools available. Using wget and 7z

wget -q --no-check-certificate
7z x -y

or from PowerShell 5 console

Invoke-WebRequest -outfile
Expand-Archive -LiteralPath -DestinationPath .


If installing on a MAC OS X

curl -fsSL | tar -zxvf- -C $HOME/bin

Configure the Testspace URL

YOUR-ORG is based on your subdomain selection! Nothing will work if the configuration is not correct.

The Testspace URL defines your access credentials – required to push data to the Testspace Server – and the destination for the results when pushed. Using an access token for authentication, found in the User's settings, is required. The token is best set as an environment variable, ideally stored securely to hide your access credentials.

testspace config url

For more information on configuring the client refer here.

New Account

To create a new User account simply sign in using your existing company LDAP credentials:

Once you create a Testspace account viewing of public Projects can be done by simply navigating to the corresponding Organization URL:

User accounts that are not apart of any existing organizations are called Orphan Users. Orphan Users can also view public Projects. Orphan Users are included in the total Enterprise User Count.

Join Organization

Request Access

To join an existing Organization simply Request Access at

Admin Invite

Invite others to join the Organization by selecting Invite Users as documented in help.

Create Organization

To create a new Organization simply selectNew Organization at
:!: Note: There are several reserved subdomains: signin, signup, client, admin, open, test, samples

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