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A Testspace Project is a named collection of related Spaces. A Space is a data collection endpoint. You reach a Project Page by selecting a Project from the Projects tab under the top level Organization Page.

By default, the Spaces tab is selected. This view shows all Spaces that belong to the Project. If the Project contains Hidden Spaces1) they are shown separately under the Hidden Spaces heading.

The image below shows the Spaces tab under a Connected GitHub Project named testspace-samples:cpp.cpputest. The Project's Name is derived from the <github-organization-name>:<repo-name>

Connected Project Spaces

Spaces under Connected Projects represent branches under the Project's connected repository.

A new Space is automatically created:

  • on the of first push of data from an existing branch.
  • with each new branch created under the Project's connected repository. The new branch Space will be pre-populated with the most recent results, exemptions and metrics from the Space corresponding to the base branch, if the Space and data exists. An easily recognizable name is given to this result set. based on [<number>]<base-space-name>#<base-result-set-name>

A new Space will become visible from a base Space copy or from the branch using the client to push results (i.e. CI process).

A Connected Space is automatically hidden when it's corresponding branch is deleted. All metric data is maintained to provide statistics for the Project and its connected repository.

Standalone Project Spaces

Spaces under Standalone Projects are manually created and can be hidden or deleted at any time. They are used to collect and analyze data from unconnected repositories. To create a new unconnected Space, click on the New Space button on the Spaces tab on the Project page.

When manually creating a Space under a Standalone project, the Edit Space dialog is used to enter all user-definable settings for the new Space (see Space Settings below).

Space Settings

Option Description
Name Name of the Space
  • The setting is Read-only for Spaces under Connected Projects and is derived from the connected repo branch name
  • Names are not case-sensitive
  • The name must be unique among Spaces under the current project
Tip: Avoid names with white-spaces as these names won't require quoting if specified on the command line.
Description Textual description of the Space. The description text supports a subset of Markdown.
Health Indicators Controls the deadline for new publications.
Hidden When checked the Space is categorized as a hidden (not listed in public Projects or on the Projects tab in the Organization view). Also there is no email notifications for a hidden Space.
Copy settings from another Space This allows you to copy all of the settings from an existing Space. This includes metrics, badges and thresholds. It also will use the last result set of the Space being copied as a baseline for the new Space.

1) Spaces hidden from the Projects view

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