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User settings are accessed via a dialog that you can access by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner of the Testspace display 1) or via the Users tab listing. When you left-click on the name and choose Edit from the menu that's shown, the dialog is displayed. From here you can manage all of your user-based settings and options.2)

User Settings Dialog

The User Settings Dialog is divided into two sections, divided by a horizontal line. The top section has settings for your user account and the bottom section has settings for the Projects in your Organization.

Account Settings

Setting Description
Username You can change your username here.
Password confirmation
You can change your password here. In order to successfully change your password, identical text must be typed into both the Password and Password confirmation boxes.
Access token This is a text string that you can use in lieu of your login credentials to access the Web API or on the Client command line. :!: Keep it secret!
To generate a new token, click the button to the right of the token text box.

Note: An example showing access token use can be found here.
First name
Last name
You can change your name here. This name is used to identify you within Testspace.
Email address You can set or change the email address used by Testspace here.
Time zone The time zone used to display dates and times is determined by this setting.
Delete your account Clicking this link will permanently delete your current account.

Project Settings

Setting Description
Leave organization Clicking the red button will remove you from membership of the current organization.
Projects The Projects in the current organization that you have access to are listed here. Notification options for each project are shown to the right or each Project.
Results publishing This selects the level of notifications you will receive each time results are published.
  • None - no notifications are sent
  • Unhealthy - notifications are sent only when uploaded results are deemed unhealthy. 3)
  • All - notifications are sent for all uploads
Weekly Digest When checked, a digest of all Project activity is sent once a week.

User Types And Permissions

There are three different user roles in Testspace.

Normal User

An Organization may have any number of normal Users up to the plan limit. A normal User can do the following:

  • Space: Create/Edit/Delete
  • Results: Comment
  • Own Results: Complete/Rename/Delete
  • All Notes: Comment
  • Own Notes: Create/Edit/Delete/Archive
  • Metrics: Create/Edit/Delete

Admin User

An Organization may have any number of Admins. In addition to normal User privileges, an Admin can:

  • All Results: Complete/Rename/Delete
  • All Notes: Comment/Create/Edit/Delete/Archive/Star
  • Projects: Create/Edit/Delete
  • Users: Invite others to join organization. Project Access and notification settings, Set/Remove Admin


This user is the account owner. Each Organization has only one owner. In addition to Admin and User privileges the owner can:

  • Invite others to join organization (from the Organization Page, Users tab)
  • View and edit account settings (Change plan, change card, change owner, change subdomain). The owner alone sees the Account tab on the Organization Page through which account settings can be accessed.


1) Your user name is shown here on every Testspace page
2) If you are a member of other Organizations in addition to the one you are logged-in to, they will be shown in the menu as well. You can navigate to another Organization by clicking its name.
3) Refer to the managing health article for more details.

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