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Activity Tracking

The Activity tab is available on the Organization Page, the Project Page, and the Space Page. It provides a read-only journal of Testspace activity.

In all cases it is scoped by the following constraints:

  • Access permissions - activity within projects that you don't have access to won't be shown
  • Level of the Hierarchy - the activity tab on the Organization Page will show activity across the entire Organization, the tab on the Project Page will show only activity on the Project, and the tab on the Space Page will show activity only on the Space.

Activity Details

Activity details are shown sorted from newest to oldest and grouped by date. At the top of the page is shown the Name of the target item for which activity is shown and the item's type in square brackets.

The first column displays the Event Type from among the following:

  • Project
  • User
  • Space
  • Readme
  • Notes
  • Schema
  • Result

Other columns show details of the activity and relevant links along with the name of the User performing the activity and the time it was performed.


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