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The Account tab is only available for the Owner of the Testspace organization. There are two sub-tabs on the Account tab: Plan and Services


The Plan tab provides information regarding:

A Testspace Open plan must be connected to a Public GitHub organization. 1)

  • Plan - current plan subscribed to with options to upgrade or downgrade;
  • Payment - method for payment
  • Owner - which can be changed to another Admin User.
  • Settings - allowable changes to the Organization "friendly" name and/or the subdomain.
  • Cancel - selection to terminate the account.
  • Receipts - list of existing payment receipts.

Change plan

The organization owner can upgrade or downgrade the current account plan. Credit card information is required if upgrading from an Open to a Paid organization.

  1. Select the Account tab at the organization level (top right)
  2. Select the Plan sub-tab
  3. Select the Change plan button to the right.

For more information on plans, see terms of service.

Change card

The Owner can change the credit Car payment method at any time.

  1. Select the Account tab at the organization level (top right)
  2. Select the Plan sub-tab
  3. Select the Change card button to the right
  4. Update the credit card information in the secure form and SUBMIT

Change owner

The organization owner is the single user with full Owner Permissions. The owner can transfer ownership to another admin user only in the organization.

Once you change ownership you will not be able to view the Account tab

  1. Select the Account tab at the organization level (top right)
  2. Select the Plan sub-tab
  3. Select the Change owner button to the right
  4. Select the new owner from the drop-down list of users and SUBMIT.

A change of ownership email will be sent to both the previous and new account owner confirming the change.


The organization owner can cancel the account at anytime.

When canceling your account plan, all project information will be immediately and permanently deleted. refund policy.

  1. Select the Account tab at the organization level (top right)
  2. Select the Plan sub-tab
  3. Select the Cancel button to the far right
  4. Select the Confirm button to confirm cancellation


The Services tab manages 3rd party connected services with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. The Testspace account Owner can connect and disconnect to any organization 2) for which they have ownership privileges, from any service, at any time.


It is important to note that login credentials are not necessarily the same as the Connected Services credentials. Because Testspace also works as a standalone application, login credentials are viewed independently. For example, a user (owner in this example), could be using Bitbucket credentials to log in, and at the same time using Connected Services with GitHub.

 Available Services

When Connecting to a Service use the credentials that have ownership privileges to the Organizations for GitHub and Teams for Bitbucket.

What to do if the Testspace Owner does not have sufficient access privileges?

Missing sufficient GitHub privileges? Change ownership or use other credentials (1-time only) when connecting.

  • For Github if the Testspace owner is a member instead of an owner they can still connect if they have admin privileges to the Github organization.
  • For Bitbucket if Testspace owner is in a user group that has admin privileges to the Bitbucket organization they can connect as well.
  • Temporarily change the Testspace ownership to the User that has sufficient Git Service access rights. Once the new Owner connects, Testspace ownership can be transferred back.
  • Another approach is to have the person with the Git Service access rights login to the service, using the same desktop computer as the Testspace Owner while the Owner is logged into Testspace.
Note once access has been authorized, the Owner can transfer ownership to another User, and connection access will still be maintained.

Connected Projects

Once a service has been connected, Testspace lists all of the repositories contained in the organization/team. Using the New Project option a Testspace project can be created that is associated with a repo.

 Repos Listing


There are several scenarios where you may need to reconnect Testspace to either Github or Bitbucket.

  • The user account that is linked must be changed. In this case while logged in the desired repository user account click on the reconnect button. Note that in this scenario if the new user account does not have required access to a particular repo, it will be converted to standalone.
  • If the permissions level to the repository needs to be updated.


The Testspace owner can disconnect at any time. All Spaces and data associated with the converted projects will be preserved.

The following disconnection and deletion rules apply if the Testspace Owner:

  • disconnects from a hosting service, all projects connected to that service will be converted to standalone
  • disconnects from a repo organization, all projects connected to that organization will be converted to standalone.
  • deletes a repo organization, all projects connect to that organization will be converted to standalone.
  • deletes a repository, the single project connected to that repository will be converted to standalone.


First time setup requires Application Access Authorization from the authenticated Owner of the repo organization. The Owner will first be required to Authorize application:

 Authorize application

The GitHub user with organization privileges that connects to Testspace will see the following Permissions under Personal settings:

 Testspace Permissions

GitHub Organizations

Third-party application access to Organizations is restricted by default.

GitHub restricts third-party applications by default.

There are two methods to grant Testspace access to your GetHub Organizations:

1. Remove restrictions (below) giving all your 3rd party applications access to all repository content.

 3rd Party Restrictions

2. Selecting Authorized applications (below) giving specific applications, Testspace in this case, access to specific GitHub Organizations.

 Authorized applications

Clicking on the Testspace entry/link brings up a list of GitHub organizations you own. Select the organization(s) to grant Testspace access.

 Organization access


Connecting to Bitbucket requires first-time access confirmation from the authenticated Owner of the Bitbucket account. Testspace Access to Bitbucket

When creating a new Testspace organization using your Bitbucket credentials you'll be asked to connect to one or more Bitbucket Teams you own.

connect to Bitbucket Teams

Connections to Bitbucket Teams are managed under the Services tab. The Testspace Account owner can connect and disconnect to Teams they own at any time.

connected Bitbucket Teams


Connecting to GitLab requires first-time access authorization from the authenticated Owner of the GitLab account.


1) If User already has a Standard plan, GitHub credentials are not required when creating the new Open plan; only when connecting.
2) including personal user accounts

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