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The Testspace manual Framework supports implementing manual tests as code. This new approach enables a more coding-centric method to manual testing:


Test instructions are captured using plain text markdown and managed in repositories, following the same process as development (version control, pull requests, etc.):

  • GitHub issues integration
  • Exploratory testing built-in
  • Test planning that leverages branches, issues, and GitHub Project Boards

The Liquid templating language from Shopify; is used to support "include" files, variables, parameters, and conditional logic.

  • Use the power of coding to implement re-usable and data-driven tests.

And automated fixturing is supported using GitHub Actions and AWS Lambdas, enabling testing that leverages a hybrid of automation and manual verification.

  • Reduction in Manual Execution Time. Leverage automation for tedious and redundant setup/teardown requirements versus human execution.
  • More Effective Test Coverage when leveraging a combination of automated fixturing and the power of human observations.
  • Can eliminate IT setup for Human Tester.


To implement tests, markdown files are created and maintained in the repo.

# Test 1
## Case 1
- do this
- do that

Manual projects use Repositories, Branching, Issues, and Project Boards all tightly integrated with GitHub.


Test files are executed as an individual unit and are automatically discovered by Testspace. The following is an example test file (aka spec) being executed within Testspace.

Test Spec


Automated test results can also be included in the same project, providing a holistic view of all testing for a product.