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A test session suite's status, when completed, are aggregated together with all other previous sessions and reflected in the Space Results. A Space always represents the most up to date status for each suite.


A Space represents the most up to date status for each suite


A Space presentation of results is aggregated by default. Aggregation is the inclusion of status for all Suites based on their most recent completed session.

Aggregation includes the most recent status for ALL Suites

When a session has completed, the status for the suites executed in that session are aggregated with the nonexecuted suites from previous results. This results in suites that were not executed to be carried forward.

Carrying forward is including suite status from previous sessions

For Suites that have been carried the Summary section of the Suite report provides context information in the Session field:

Suite Report

When non-current sessions (older sessions) are completed the status of any carried forward suites will be updated in newer completed sessions as appropriate.


Results can be viewed both from an Aggregated view or a Session view. In the right corner of the page, a selection box exists: Aggregate | Session.

When Session is selected the page presents only suites executed for the session in view.

Results Session View


When Issues are pushed and/or referenced during a test session, they are automatically captured in an Issues metric once the session is completed.

Issues Metric

The Issues metric suite presents a report listing of all issues' references and status at the time when the results were published:

Issues Report

The Issues metric graph is automatically generated tracking the number of issues as seen in the report.

Issues Graph

There is a badge that contains the number of open issues at the time of publishing.