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Invite Other Users

You must be an Organization Admin to invite other users to join.

Testspace is all about sharing information and communicating. With an understanding of some of the publishing basics, let's invite another team member to join the Organization.

Send Invitation

GitHub users. From the Invite Users dialog, select the GitHub icon to add all members from your GitHub organization.

As an Admin of a Testspace Organization, you have the capability to invite other users to join the Organization and access one or more of the currently-existing Projects.

  1. Navigate to the Organization page (the default start page)
  2. Send Invitation Email to Invitees
    • Select the Users tab (Organization member who is Owner only)
    • Click the Invite Users button at the upper right of the page. (If you don't see the button, verify that the Role associated with your username is Admin.)
    • In the dialog that's shown, enter emails of invitees where prompted. (If you enter more than one email address, use a comma or semicolon to separate them.)
    • Under Project Access, check the box next to the names of Projects for which these users are to have access
    • Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the dialog
  3. Review Invitation status
    • When the dialog is dismissed, the Users page is again shown
    • Note that the Users list has been updated to include any users you invited. The Role column reflects each user's current access permission.

An email is automatically generated and sent to each invitee. Invitees then follow a link in the email to set up their credentials and join the Organization.

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