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For more information on Project Notes, please see: Project Notes

Once you have several users in your Organization, you can begin communicating via Project Notes. Notes are a Project-level feature that support sharing information and status with others on your team. The content you create using Notes is persisted and searchable.

A Note can serve as the first message in a discussion thread. Comments can subsequently be added to the thread and the creator of a Note or Comment can edit its contents after it's posted.

Note From a Result Set

Often you want to create a discussion about a specific result set. To streamline the creation of the Note that originates a discussion like this, Testspace can automatically create a Note from a result set comprised of a formatted results summary and a link to the results details.

You can create a Note from a result set either explicitly from the Testspace GUI, or by replying to a results publication notification email.

Create Note Explicitly

  1. Open Testspace in a browser
    • If needed, navigate to the Organization Page (the default start page)
  2. Navigate to your Space's Result Listing
    • Click on the Space Name shown in the Projects Listing 1)
    • Select the Results tab
  3. Create the Note
    • Hover your mouse cursor at the far left end of the row listing the result set you want to comment on. A "hamburger" icon will appear.
    • Left-click on the icon and a menu is shown
    • Select Comment from the menu
    • A dialog is now displayed where you can enter text that will be added as a Comment to the Note that will be created
    • From this dialog you can also attach files to the Comment and add subscribers to the thread
    • Generate the Note and Comment by clicking SUBMIT
    • You are taken directly to the Note's thread where you can edit your Comment or add additional Comments if desired.

Create Note from Results Email

  1. Subscribe for publication notifications
  2. Publish results to your Space
  3. Reply to email notification
    • Once the notification arrives in your inbox, reply to the email. Before sending, enter text that will be added as the first Comment on the automatically-created Note.

Return to the Notes view and confirm that the Note has been added and your Comment appears.

Note Created Explicitly

In this example, we will explicitly create a Note to begin the discussion of an issue and assign a follow-up To-do item.

  1. Open Testspace in a browser
    • If needed, navigate to the Organization Page (the default start page)
  2. Navigate to your Project's Page
    • Select the Projects tab
    • In the Projects Listing shown, click on the name of your Project (my-project)
  3. Enter a Note
    • Select the Notes tab
    • Click the New Note button in the upper right of the page
    • In the dialog that's shown:
      • Add a Title to the note
      • Add text to the message body. You can use the toolbar above the text box to format your text, or enter Markdown directly. Click on the preview tab to see the Note rendered from markup.
      • Add a To-do item to the Note by clicking the To-Do toolbar button to paste special checkbox markup text, then enter a task description. (The markup should look like this: -[ ] Do Something)
      • Choose an Assignee for the To-do item from the combo box at the upper right corner of the dialog.
      • Clock the BROWSE button and select a file to be attached to the Note.
      • At the bottom of the dialog, choose Subscribers who will receive an email whenever this Note thread is updated.
      • Finally, click SUBMIT to create the Note

Once the dialog is dismissed, you should see your Note listed along with several summary fields.

Add a Comment on a Note

You can add a Comment to a Note either explicitly or by replying to a notification email you receive as a subscriber to the thread. The examples in this section illustrate both techniques.

Add a Comment Explicitly

  1. Navigate to your Project's Notes View
    • You can get to the Project's Notes view by clicking the Notes tab from either your Projects page or any of its child Space pages.
  2. Create a Comment
    • In the Notes list, click on the name of the Note that is at the head of the thread to which you want to add the Comment
    • The view will change, displaying the discussion thread with a text box at the bottom where you can enter your Comment text.
    • After entering text, add your Comment by clicking the Add this Comment button at the bottom of the page.
    • Navigate back to the Notes listing (click the Notes tab if needed), and notice that a Comment icon and count of Comments is now shown at the right end of the Notes' row in the list.

Add a Comment by Replying to Notification Email

If you are a subscriber to a thread, you can add a Comment by replying to the email you receive when the thread's original Note is created or a Comment is added.

  1. Subscribe to thread
    • By default, you don't receive emails for Notes or Comments that you create. (Only other subscribers are notified). You can receive emails for your own activity by checking the All at "my-project" project box in the Subscribers list.
  2. Add a Comment
    • Add a Comment as described in the previous example.
  3. Reply to the Notification Email
    • Since you are now a subscriber to the thread, you will receive a notification email for the Comment.
    • Reply to the email; add your Comment text before sending. (Markup text is not supported when replying using your email client).

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