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Testspace supports sharing of metrics by either a Badge or Embedded Graph. This makes it easy for you to share your test metrics in places such as a GitHub repo README, Confluence or Sharepoint.

Metric Badge#

Metric Badges for Test, Code Coverage, Static Analysis and Custom Metrics provide visual indicators for the current status of the software's Health. The Badges are shown on every tab at the Space level, but can also be copied as live embedded links. A typical place to embed these Badges are sites or pages that team members visit for current project status and information.

To copy the embedded link from any badge on the space page click the badge and select Embed Link from the menu to bring up the link dialog. Select the syntax type (HTML, Markdown, Textile, RDoc, orReStructured Text) from the drop down list as show below.

Badge Link

Metric Graph#

To facilitate sharing of standard or custom metric graphs there are two options - URL link or HTML code. Both options are available by selecting the menu for a metric graph as shown here.

Embed Metric

  • URL link - a URL to the webpage displaying the metric graph.
  • HTML code - <iframe> snippet for embedding on your page or application, such as Confluence or Sharepoint site, supports iframe.

For Confluence this is best done by adding the HTML Macro and then pasting in the <iframe> code.