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The Testspace dashboard is designed to monitor the status of automated and manual software testing. Projects are created to host test results and other important metrics. A project is a collection of spaces, which are the primary container of test results.

A space is the primary container of results

The dashboard landing page is the Projects Listings, displaying the active spaces and their last status.

Projects Listings

To monitor automated/CI testing content is published to spaces. Testspace is specifically designed for monitoring high volume automated testing systems that can generate test results with large numbers of test cases. It is also able to aggregate data from all your build and test systems and perform analysis on this content.

Testspace can be used as a standalone Dashboard for proprietary automation systems or have connected projects associated with repositories provided by GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Testspace integrates with GitHub for implementing and executing manual tests. By integrating Test Management with GitHub, QA teams can leverage the same collaboration features of Github as development teams.

Testspace connects workflows, toolsets, and test status monitoring for automated and manual testing.

Getting Started#

To get started the first thing to do is Sign Up and create an Organization. An Organization is simply a collection of Projects. A Project contains a collection of Spaces. A Space is a container for Results from automated and/or manual testing and are maintained as historical records used for Metrics.

When you first sign up for Testspace, you will choose an Organization name, that becomes the subdomain of your Testspace URL.

To begin implementing manual tests refer here for details.

To begin publishing automated tests results refer here for details.


The Organization view comprises the following tabs:

  • Projects - Displays a list of Projects and child Spaces associated with the Organization (selected by default)
  • Users - Displays a list of users that have access to the Organization (Organization members with Admin/Owner privilege)
  • Activity - Displays a journal of all Organization events sorted by date and time (Organization members)
  • Account - Displays settings and subscription plan (Account owner only)

To access a Project from the Organization view, select the Projects tab, then click on the name of the desired Project. The Project view comprises the following tabs, which are used to select a page within the view:

  • Spaces - List of Spaces belonging to the Project (tab selected by default)
  • Insights - Summary of results and metrics for member Spaces
  • Results - List of recently published results for all child Spaces
  • Notes - List of discussions and to-dos items associated with the Project
  • Activity - Journal of all events related to this Project sorted by date and time

You can access a Space from either the Organization or Project views. In either case, click on the name of the desired Space to access its view page. A Space typically represents a set of results related to a specific software package, software branch, unique application, etc.

The Space view comprises the following tabs, which are used to select a page within the view:

  • Current- Space's most recent test result
  • Metrics - Graphs showing metrics for the space
  • Results - List of previously published results
  • Manual - List of test suites (applicable only when Manual enabled)
  • Activity - Journal of all events related to this Space sorted by date and time