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When you first sign up for Testspace, you will choose an Organization name, which becomes the subdomain of your Testspace account -

The landing page for Testspace is an Organization's Projects Listing.
โ””โ”€ space-1
โ””โ”€ space-2

The projects listing is the results dashboard for the organization. A project is a collection of spaces.

A Space is a collection of test Suites.

A Suite is a set of test Cases.

โ””โ”€ project
โ””โ”€ space
โ””โ”€ suite1
โ””โ”€ suite2

A space is also the historical container of published test results, whether from manual or automated testing.

Spaces are used for publishing test results for both manual and automated testing

From the Projects Listing you can click on any of the listed projects (i.e. s2technologies:testspace).

Projects Listings


The Project tab is the view listing of spaces.

Project Spaces Listings

Any of the listed spaces can also be clicked on (i.e. master).


A Space tab is the container for test suites and historical results.

Test Suites

The Space presents the Manual tab used for executing manual tests, if enabled via configuration.


The Manual tab contains the Suites used for manual test execution. The listing presents all of the Suites along with any status.

Manual Suites Listing